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Our Worship Crew consists of children from years 4, 5 and 6.  Members change every term so that lots of children have the opportunity to take a leadership role in this important area of our school community's life. 


The role of the Worship Crew is:

  • To meet regularly together to evaluate collective worship, saying what they think is working well and what they think can be improved​

  • To share worship ideas with other Worship Crew members, the class team and the class teacher​

  • To share worship themes and prayers with our parents, carers and our local community​

  • To find out what other children in our school think about collective worship ​

  • To sometimes lead worship and encourage, help and support friends to lead worship too!  

Spring 2024

Worship Crew lead Easter Family Worship

Our Worship Crew planned and led our Easter Family Worship at Christ Church.  They told the story of 'A Happy Day', which tells the story of Jesus'  Resurrection and the joy of Easter Day.  They wrote prayers for our time of worship and shared these with us in our time of reflection as well as handing out palm crosses to those in attendance.  Reverend Emma let us know that we can use our palm crosses to help us pray for our world, those in need and ourselves. 

Autumn 2023

Worship Crew Applications - September 2023


What a lot of applications received for Worship Crew this year!  So many, we are having a different Worship Crew every term, so lots of children in Key Stage Two have the opportunity to lead, plan and evaluate this important part of school life.


Here are some responses to some of the questions we asked in the application process.


Why do you want to be a member of the Worship Crew?

  • I like praying.
  • I like God and Jesus.
  • So I can share prayers with others.
  • I love worship.
  • I want to spread the word of God and everyone to be happy.
  • I like talking about the stories in the Bible.
  • I like going to church and singing in church.
  • Writing prayers because you can talk to God about absolutely anything.
  • I am a Christian and want to show my love of God.
  • I love suggesting ideas for worship.


What is your favourite part of Collective Worship?

  • The music and songs because the songs make you feel closer to the Trinity.
  • I love it when we all get together.
  • Prayer time because we can talk to God and Jesus.
  • The songs because I like to express myself.
  • We get to learn about Jesus and the Bible.
  • I can learn about the stories of God and about our fantastic values to keep us all happy and safe.
  • When we start to sing as it is peaceful.
  • When we share prayers as you can share your thoughts.
  • The stories of Jesus as they help us and teach us life skills for our everyday lives.
  • When we pray and sing together because it helps me relax my mind and it reminds me that God made us all to thrive together.
  • I enjoy sharing ideas with a partner. 
  • When we have a story from the Bible.  I'm learning and having fun. 
  • When we hear a Bible story. It makes me feel safe and God will help us. 
  • The prayers.  I feel so relaxed. 


Planning and Leading Harvest Family Worship

During our Harvest Family Worship at Christ Church, some Worship Crew members helped us 'spell out' the importance of HARVEST.


HEART - We can be thankful for what we have. 

EARTH - We can be thankful that everything God has provided on the Earth. 

EAT - We can be thankful for the food we eat. 

HAVE - We can be thankful for what we have.

STARVE - Some people struggle and do not have enough.  They may not have enough food, enough water.

SHARE - We can share what we have with others to help them.


In Hebrews 13:16, it says:


'Do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.'


During this time of Harvest, we are collecting donations for Black Country Foodbank. 

Spring 2023

Our Worship Crew take action!

Our Worship Crew were inspired to take action during Lent this year.  During Lent, some Christians decide to do something special, such as go without some meals, like Jesus did. Some may give up eating a particular food, such as chocolate, or give up a bad habit. Others decide to do something special for other people every day during the Lent period. This is a way of saying thank you to God and remembering Jesus’ time in the wilderness where he was tempted.


Our Worship Crew thought about this when planning Family Worship and decided that they wanted to help our school take action during this time of Lent - action to help our local community. Our Worship Crew decided that they would like to donate food to the Black Country Foodbank, to help those people in our local community who may be needing some additional support.


They worked hard creating posters to promote this Lenten appeal and even made a donations collection box at home for us all to put our donations in.  Our Worship Crew let our community know that donations did not have to be big. "Even one small donation can make a difference."



Autumn 2022

Worship Crew Applications

In September 2022, our Worship Crew completed 'Worship Crew Application Forms', stating why they wanted to be a part of this leadership team and what they thought about collective worship.  Here are some of their responses:


Why do you want to be a member of the Worship Crew?

  • It is good to talk to people about Jesus.  I want to tell others about Jesus. 
  • I love worship.
  • I like praying. 
  • I want to encourage other children to lead worship. 
  • I would like to write prayers and share them with the school. 
  • I hope everyone knows that Jesus is our Lord. 
  • I love spreading the Word of God. 
  • Worship is a very important thing to think about, especially all of the brilliant things Jesus did for us all. 
  • I love interacting with others and asking questions about God. 


What is your favourite part of collective worship and why?

  • Praying because Jesus sacrificed His life for us. 
  • The worship songs we sing. They make me feel happy. 
  • Praying because I like the quietness while praying to Jesus. 
  • The songs because I like to hear people sing. 
  • When we sing because I love to sing lots of different songs and express myself.  I enjoy having the experience of singing with everyone. 
  • I enjoy listening to stories from the Bible because I like learning more about the four Gospels. 
  • I like the stories because I like to tell them to my friends. 
  • Learning about Jesus is so fun for me!
  • I like the praise worship songs because it gives you a time to give Jesus a big thank you. 
  • The prayers and the songs because they remind me of our wonderful God and our saviour Jesus. 
  • When we talk with a partner. 
  • The stories of God because they teach me the values of life. 
  • Prayer time because it is so peaceful. It helps me reflect and clear my mind and I like listening to the Word of God. 
  • I love that we get quotes from the Bible that I can follow. 

Prayers for our community

Here are some prayers, written by our Worship Crew, for our school community. 


Dear Father God, Thank you for the grass, trees and our pets. Amen. 


Dear Father God, We thank you for our awesome creatures; aggressive polar bears to tiny bush babies. We thank you for health and life. Thank you for all our feelings. I love you Lord. Amen.  


Dear Father God, Please help us to learn more. Please help us though our tough times and encourage us to try more and try harder. Please help us to be the best we can. Amen.  


Dear Father God, Thank you for our amazing team mates. Sorry for all our sins. Please forgive us all as we say this prayer. Amen.  


Dear Lord, We pray that you will cover us with protection. We pray as many hands build a house, many hearts build a school. Amen.