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Uniform Information

The school does have a uniform which all children are expected to wear. Please ensure that all items are named.


Winter Uniform – Girls

Grey skirt, pinafore dress or trousers

White blouse or white/green polo shirt

Emerald green or light grey cardigan/jumper or school sweatshirt

Low heeled black 'school' shoes without logos; not trainers

White/grey/black socks or tights


Winter Uniform – Boys

Grey trousers

Emerald green or light grey jumper or school sweatshirt

White shirt or white/green polo shirt

Sensible black 'school' shoes without logos; not trainers

Black/grey socks


Summer Uniform – Girls

Green and white check dress, any style

Grey shorts or skirt

Emerald green cardigan or school sweatshirt


Summer Uniform – Boys

Grey short trousers

White/green polo shirt

Emerald green or light grey jumper or school sweatshirt


Sweatshirts and polo shirts are available from the school office. Pupils who wear sweatshirts or T-shirts with brand names or slogans will be required to remove them, as will children who wear trainers.


Children from year one upwards will require a P.E. kit. This is a pair of black PE shorts, a pair of black school pumps or trainers and a white t-shirt. During the winter months children may bring plain jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt from home for outdoor PE if they wish to.


Reception Class children are required to have a pair of plain black PE pumps for their 'Fitness Friday' session.


Nursery ‘uniform’ is a simply a pair of Wellington boots which EVERY child should have in school please and practical clothing including a warm coat for the colder months of the year.



A small pair of stud earrings may be worn which must be removed for P.E. lessons (the child must be able to do this independently)

A wrist watch may be worn.



Please note that the following are NOT allowed:

Painted nails, including gels and acrylics (children will be asked to remove them)

Large colourful bows and headbands (green and/or white appropriate sized hair accessories are preferable)

Extreme hairstyles including coloured dyes

Large or hooped earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces etc

Smart watches eg 'Apple watches' and fitness trackers eg 'Fitbits'


If children arrive at school with these 'non uniform' items they must be removed at the start of the school day. Items will be kept in the child's tray or in the school office (expensive items) and returned at the end of the school day.