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Reading at Home

Home reading is an important part of our children’s reading development. Through home reading, children develop their love of books and their desire to read for enjoyment. They aquire a growing vocabulary and become adept at using their creativity, imagination, inventiveness and critical awareness.


On entry to Reception, children follow the ‘Read Write Inc' phonics books, firstly focusing on initial sounds.  When they are ready, they also have a ‘Book Bag Book’ to read at home, consistent with their developing phonic knowledge and skill to read. You will find an information video below demonstrating how to support your child when reading their Book Bag Book and more information on the coloured phonics levels in the document here:

Book Bag Book Information Video

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On completion of the phonics program, children progress to Oxford Reading Tree home reading books, offering a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction titles. Some children, at certain levels, are also encouraged to choose a ‘wider reader’ book; this selection of books allows children to develop their vocabulary and the breadth and depth of their reading, making sure they become independent, fluent and enthusiastic readers.  


If you would like further information on the Oxford Reading Tree levels, please visit the Oxford Reading Tree Website.


All children, from Nursery to Year 6 take home a self-chosen library book to read either independently or with an adult at home. Our libraries are frequently updated and children may request books they wish to read. 


We encourage children to take responsibility for their own reading and reward this independence through our 'Responsible Reader Award'.  These are awarded on a half termly basis.  Children benefit greatly from reading at least three times a week at home and discussing their books with an adult. Through this they can share their enjoyment in reading and create positive reading habits.


Children in Years 1 to Year 3 take home a paper reading record where parents can record evidence of reading at home.  This is reviewed by the class teacher during Reading Activity lessons and books are changed.  In Years 4 to 6, children use an online reading record called 'Boom Reader' (more information can be found below). Parents, children and staff can access their Boom Reader account to record home reading, receive reading awards and write reading comments. 


Boom Reader

Within Years 4,5 and 6, we record home reading digitally.  ‘Boom Reader’ (formerly ‘Go Read’) is a digital reading record allowing you to log your child’s home reading from any internet enabled device.  ‘Boom Reader’ offers both web based and app based access, is simple to use and is designed to encourage all children to read at home. 

Log in here to your account: Boom Reader  

Below you can find help and guides to using Boom Reader - our online reading records for children in Years 4 to 6. 


Boom Reader Parent Information Video

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For more information or to sign up, visit: or scan the QR codes below. 

Supporting Reading at Home

Your child's reading journey begins with phonics.  Phonics is a way of teaching children how to read and write. It helps children hear, identify and use different sounds that distinguish one word from another in the English language.  Knowing more about phonics will help you support your child's reading at home, information can be found in the following video: 

What is phonics? Parent Information Video

At home you can use the ‘reading gems’ to help to develop your child's reading skills.  These provide a range of question stems to get children thinking and to delve deeper into a text. 

Additionally, visit the Book Trust Website for Top Tips on reading at home with your child. 

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