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Aspiring together through love


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Vision and Values

‘Aspiring together through love’


We believe that each member of our school community is loved as a unique child of God. We want them to recognise their value and worth, aspiring to flourish in all aspects of their life.


The Big Story of the Bible teaches us that everyone is a child of God, created in His likeness and loved and valued by Him. Jesus came to earth to show God’s love for everyone, and to help us recognise our worth in His eyes. Through knowing we are all loved by God, we seek to enable everyone in our school community to recognise their value and worth, supporting them to grow and flourish in all aspects of their personhood.

Our vision for our school is one that is inclusive and celebrates diversity.  Pupils, parents and carers and staff members with a wide range of backgrounds, faiths and cultures, abilities, special educational needs and disabilities are warmly welcomed.  Our school Christian value of truth is central here; we wish for all to stand true to their own personal beliefs and cultures, their passion for subjects and the wider world, as we learn together and love one another day by day. 


We aim to promote Christian education of the highest quality and daily life in our school reflects our foundation, rooted in the Christian Gospel.  Our school vision ‘Aspiring together through love’ is central to all learning and means that we are a learning community, learning with each other seeking to continually improve our knowledge, understanding and skills in order for pupils to flourish and fulfil their potential.

Helping us understand our vision -

The Story of the Paralysed Man


The healing of the paralysed man (Luke 5:18-25) helps us as a school community understand our vision, 'Aspiring together through love'.  



The friends of the paralysed man had great aspiration.  They were determined to help their friend meet Jesus and even when they were faced with challenges, they overcame them, even going to the lengths of getting onto the roof and making a hole to lower their friend through! 

The paralysed man aspired to see Jesus and did not give up either.  He had a clear goal, knowing that Jesus would help him and heal him.

This helps us understand that we too can aspire for great things: to improve our handwriting, to make progress in maths, to be a member of a school sport team, to be a good friend every day, to make someone smile once a day. These aspirations are crucial in helping us live our lives in all fullness. 



The value of friendship and teamwork shines out of this story.  The friends of the paralysed man worked well together to help their friend. 

Jesus also shows how he is a true friend to all who want to be friends with him.  He immediately welcomed the paralysed man and his friends.  He did not judge them, but wanted to care for them and love them. 

This teaches us how important friendship is and reminds us to encourage one another and build each other up, to be there for one another and care for one another. It reminds us to be careful not to judge others, but to warmly welcome others into our school community. 


Through Love:

There is so much love in this story of healing!  The love the friends had for each other and their friend who was paralysed, the love the paralysed man had for his friends and for Jesus, and the love Jesus had for the man and everyone he was teaching. 

This reminds us that we must live each day in love to each other and ourselves.  We can think, 'What would Jesus do?' in situations we are faced with and also 'How can I show love?'

Our School Values

Staff, parents, pupils and governors have a shared set of values that are at the heart of our school and essential for success. Our Christian values ensure that the whole community knows and understands the importance of courage, forgiveness, truth, love and friendship and as we live and learn together successfully.


Associated with each value are our 'Words of Wisdom'.  These Words of Wisdom are from the Bible and help us understand more about each value and how we can live by these values in our day to day lives.