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Maths at Home

Children continuing to practise and apply their mathematical learning at home is an important stage of their learning process.  It not only give children the opportunity to embed skills taught in maths lessons but also allows children to apply their new mathematical skills in a wider, ‘real-life’ context. 


We understand that maths teaching and learning has changed greatly over the years and many parents and carers can find it difficult to keep up to date how maths is taught.  


At Christ Church, one of the educational platforms teachers use to help them plan and teach maths is White Rose Maths.  White Rose Maths have teamed up with TV presenter, teacher and parent Michael Underwood to bring you a mini-series called 'Maths with Michael'.  


We hope this series will give parents and carers an insight in how key mathematical concepts are taught in school, including some of the resources used which can be used by children at home too. 


The following videos can be found using the link below, which will take you to the White Rose Maths website and the ‘Maths with Michael’ page: 


Introduction – Has Maths Changed? 

Episode 1 – Place Value 

Episode 2 – Subtraction 

Episode 3 – Multiplication 

Episode 4  – Division 

Episode 5 – Fractions 

Episode 6 – Algebra 


Maths with Michael - White Rose Maths


Below are short ‘how to’ guides, linked to each video above, which can help parents and carers support their children when learning maths at home.