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In the Early Years at Christ Church Primary School we want our children to be happy, confident, independent, reflective, respectful and resilient individuals who have a love of learning and are positive about their own identity. This is fostered within a Christian environment. 


We believe in providing all children with a safe and stimulating environment that builds on individual’s needs and interests and provides each child with opportunities to flourish in all aspects of their personhood.


We are committed to giving children the best possible start to their school life, providing them with experiences which will ensure their well-being and success now and in the future. Children have the opportunity to learn through well taught lessons and through play, where learning is fun, engaging and suitably challenging. Our EYFS environment offers children the opportunity to develop their thinking and problem-solving skills and build strong relationships.


We have three fantastic Reception class areas and two Nursery class areas for our children in the EYFS with access to a large outdoor area. Qualified teachers and support staff provide high-quality interactions throughout the day and are role models for learning. 


In our Nursery and Reception classes we use topics and themes to make learning come to life and tailor these to meet the children’s needs and interests. We promote the Characteristics of Effective Learning through a mix of child-led and adult guided learning. Throughout the day, good use is made of the outdoor environment for learning as well as indoors. All of the children are taught phonics and maths skills every day, appropriate to their age and stage of development.


Learning opportunities are carefully planned so that each day, children grow and develop in their knowledge, understanding and skill across all areas of the curriculum. Children are also taught and encouraged to demonstrate respect and responsibility for their environment and this involves taking care of equipment and resources both indoors and outdoors.  


Fruit and milk time is a special part of day for all children. We promote 'Happy Healthy Lunchtimes';  all  reception children are entitled a universal infant free school meal and dine together in their classrooms before enjoying playground activities.


We believe that a close partnership with parents and carers is important for children to achieve well and we like to develop strong links with home. Parents and carers are invited in throughout the year to join in with a variety of activities and celebrate their child’s learning and achievements.

Development Matters

This document is a non-statutory guide to support practitioners and inspectors to help in understanding of child development through the early years. It can be used by childminders, nurseries and others, such as OFSTED, throughout the early years as a guide to making best-fit judgements about whether a child is showing typical development for their age, may be at risk of delay or is ahead for their age. It is a guide to a typical development  while recognising that children develop at their own rates and in their own ways. 

EYFS Guide for Parents and Carers

It is widely recognised the vital role that parents have in supporting their children's learning and development. Parents need to know what to expect in relation to their child's development through the different age bandsof the EYFS. 


Below is a simple guide which takes parents through the expectations of each age band in the EYFS and how they can support their children's learning and development. It also illustrates how parents can support their child during their foundation years. 

What to Expect in the EYFS. A Guide for Parents and Carers

EYFS Policy