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All of this learning is based around the story, “Aliens Love Underpants”.  Click on the link below.

Aliens Love Underpants w/Words, EFX & Music

We love learning new songs in nursery so here is one for you to learn that is linked to the story!

Zoom Zoom Zoom We're Going to The Moon Song | Rocket Song for Kids | Space Songs for Kids

Day 1

In the story the alien’s go bouncing on some stretchy pants!  Today we are going to make things bounce!  You will need to find a t-shirt or small piece of material in your home.  Can you stretch it out and then make things bounce on it?  What can you find to bounce on the t-shirt?  Which object bounced the highest?  Which objects didn’t bounce?


Day 2

We can see lots of different patterns on the pants in the story.  Patterns are all around us.  You will need some crayons and some paper.  You will place the paper on top of different surfaces and then turn your crayon on it’s side then run it across the paper.  You will need to hold the paper very still and then hold the crayon firmly.  What patterns do you notice?  Can you describe the pattern you have made?


Day 3

Can you find lots of different pants in your home?  Some will need to be yours and some belonging to your grown up.  Look at the different patterns on the pants.  Can you sort them into piles depending on their pattern?  You could put all of the spotty ones together.  Look carefully at the different sizes of pants.  Can you sort them into “big” and “small”?


Day 4

You will need the pants that you used yesterday.  Can you create a washing line using some string or wool?  If you haven’t got any string or wool you could use the clothes horse.  You will need some pegs.  Can you peg the pants onto the washing line?  It might be a bit tricky but persevere until you have pegged them all onto the line.  How many pants did you hang up?  You can challenge yourself by asking your grown up to set you a time limit.  You could see how many pairs of pants you can get on the line.  Have a few attempts and see if you can beat your total!


Day 5

Your grown up will need to draw an outline of a pair of pants.  Can you then add a pattern or design to the pants?  You could even add a logo or a picture of a favourite character from a television show.  Make sure they are nice and bright and talk about the pattern you have created with your grown up.  You can also talk about the colours you have you used and why you have chosen to make the pants you have.


Day 6

The word “pants” begins with the “p” sound.  How many things can you find around you house that begin with the sound, “p?”


Day 7

Can you create an alien?  You will need some playdough.  There are 3 different aliens for you to create.  Your grown up can read out the instructions and you can make the aliens.  Remember to count to check that you have the correct amount!

Alien 1

2 heads

3 legs

4 arms


Alien 2

1 head

4 legs

2 arms

Can you create an alien of your own and tell your grown up how many heads, arms and legs it has?


Day 8

Here is a link for the story 10 Little Aliens.  Can you listen to the story and then act out the story using aliens you have made out of playdough or some you have drawn?

Ten Little Aliens

Here are some number songs for you to join in with too.  Can you make the numbers on your fingers as you listen to the songs?

Ten Little Alien Kids | Ten Little Kids Songs | Pinkfong Songs for Children

Five little men in a flying saucer | Early Years - Nursery Rhymes