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All of this learning is based around the story, “Wonky Donkey”.  Click on the link below.

The Wonky Donkey

Day 1 - Literacy Challenge – In the story the following phrase is repeated several times: “I was walking down the road and I saw…”  Can you go for a walk around your house and complete the sentence, “I was walking round my kitchen and I saw…”  You can change it to lounge, stairs, garden, bedroom.  You could draw a picture of what you saw.


Day 2 - Physical Challenge – Can you create an obstacle course using different objects from around your home or garden?  These could be books, toys, shoes.  Can you try and climb over the obstacles when crawling on all fours?  Can you try completing your obstacle course by keeping one of your legs off the floor like the Wonky Donkey? 

Day3 - Creative Challenge – Listen to the following songs:

Hillbilly Rock

Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll LyricsSong by The Woolpackers

Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe - Lyrics

Billy Ray Cyrus Achy breaky heart

Listen to the music and move to songs you hear.  Are they fast or slow?  Can you match you movements to the music?  Can you move your arms and legs at the same time?  Which is your favourite song?  Can you clap along to the music?


Day 4 - Creative Challenge – When donkeys walk they make a clip clopping sound.  Can you use different resources around the home to create a clip clopping sound like the donkey?  Maybe try some yogurt pots or plastic cups.  Can you move to the beat that you create?


Day 5 - Understanding of the World – Can you do some research to find out some facts about donkeys?  Maybe you have seen a donkey before so can use some of what you already know.  


Day 6 - Physical Challenge – You will need a scarf and your grown-up will need to draw a big donkey for you, maybe you can help!  They will need to make a tail out of some paper.  You will need to put a bit sellotape, blu-tack or playdough on the back.  Put the scarf over your eyes so that you can’t see.  Your grown-up will need to guide you towards the donkey and you will try and place the tail in the correct place.  Let your grown-up have a go too!  Who got the closest to where it should be?


Day 7 - Physical Challenge – Find a song you want to do Dough Disco to.  I want you to practise the move “rolling”.  You can roll a sausage and roll a ball to the song.  You can add some of the moves we learnt in nursery too such as passing it from hand to hand and passing it over your head! 


Day 8 - Literacy Challenge – Donkeys love carrots!  Can you use a carrot to make some marks?  Maybe try dipping it in some paint or mud and write your name or some numbers.


Day 9 - Maths Challenge – Can you find 3 animals in your home?  these can be cuddly toys or small world animals.  Can you order them from smallest to biggest?


Day 10 – Maths challenge – Here are some links to some maths songs.  Can you sing along to them and show the numbers on your fingers as you sing?

10 Little Dinosaurs | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

How Many Fingers? | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs