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Late/Absence Procedures

Good school attendance matters and is important for children to achieve their best at school.  


We ask parents and carers to:


  • Talk to the school as soon as possible about any child’s reluctance to come to school so that problems can be quickly identified and dealt with.
  • Ensure that their child attends school regularly and punctually unless prevented from doing so by illness or attendance at a medical appointment.
  • Contact the school office on the first morning of absence.  If we do not receive a message it is our policy to telephone parents/carers on the first day of absence to ascertain the reason for absence.
  • Inform the school in advance of any medical appointments in school time. For the absence to be recorded as a medical absence we do require evidence from the doctor or dentist. (Appointment card/letter)
  • Make requests for authorised absence in term time in writing using the school ‘leave of absence form’ and only if absolutely necessary as these are not automatically authorised.


The school’s ‘leave of absence’ form can be completed online via the link below (web link or QR code can be used).  A paper copy of the form can also be collected from the school office. 

Leave of Absence Request Form



Please note that it is the Headteacher who makes the decision whether or not to authorise the absence. Figures for authorised and unauthorised absence are kept. If we have no message at all then the absence has to be recorded as unauthorised.  We do not authorise leave of absence due to holiday.  Very occasionally, the Headteacher may authorise absence for exceptional circumstances.


Children must attend on time unless the lateness is unavoidable. Late arrival after registers have closed without good reason should be counted as unauthorised absence. Children attending medical appointments should still attend for part of the session if at all possible. They are then credited as present.


Any problems with regular attendance are best sorted out between the family and the school. The staff at Christ Church are always willing to give whatever help they can. Pop in and see us to discuss how we might work together in raising attendance.


We monitor absence for all our children very closely. For those children deemed to be at risk we will request a meeting with parents and continue to monitor and take necessary action in the case of further absence.