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Promoting regular attendance is part of creating an effective school which is committed to raising the levels of achievement of all its pupils. We aim that all pupils have self confidence and are able to make excellent progress in all aspects off school life. 


Children cannot learn if they are absent. Those who have time away from school which could have been avoided put their future prospects at risk and are likely to become increasingly disaffected and alienated. Children not in school may also be at risk in other ways.


We endeavour to promote good attendance in the following ways :


  • Each Monday the attendance star is presented to the class with the highest attendance rate during the previous week. Classes are named on the bronze, silver and gold podiums and rewards given.
  • Each Friday, children who have attended every session during the week, receive a 10/10 attendance sticker.
  • Half-termly memos are presented to pupils with 100% attendance and those whose attendance is over 96%
  • Each term certificates are presented to pupils’ with 100% attendance and those whose attendance is over 96%
  • Special weeks such as ‘Tick Tock Challenge’ week are scheduled to promote good attendance and punctuality.


From time to time, some families may experience difficulties at home or at school which are preventing good attendance.  The staff at Christ Church are always willing to give whatever help they can. Please pop in and see us.