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Reading Really Matters!

At Christ Church Primary we believe that reading really matters and we aim for excellence in reading achievement throughout the school. Reading gives pupils the chance to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually; we provide a wealth of opportunities for pupils to read widely and often, enabling them to both acquire knowledge and to build on what they already know.


It is our aim that pupils at Christ Church Primary School read with confidence, fluency and understanding, using a range of independent strategies. They learn to take responsibility for their own learning, demonstrate a love of reading and a desire to read for enjoyment. Through reading widely and often, they develop a growing vocabulary and become adept at using their creativity, imagination, inventiveness and critical awareness. Reading is embedded throughout the curriculum and in all subject areas.


In addition, dedicated timetabled reading lessons facilitate the teaching of specific fluency and comprehension skills. In EYFS and key stage one, discrete RML phonics lessons and are taught in homogenous ability groups. The ‘RML’ phonics scheme is used to teach early reading and ensure that children are able to decode efficiently. In addition, a range of reading materials, including ‘Book Bag’ books are used to support guided reading and practise at home. 


We have a wide selection of fiction and non fiction home/ school reading books as well as well stocked libraries in every classroom. All children, as soon as they are ready, have an ability matched Oxford Reading Tree scheme book and a self chosen library book to read both in school and at home for practise. 


Reading is promoted and celebrated throughout the life of school; EYFS ‘Open House’, half termly reading assemblies where 'wider reader' and 'regular reader' awards are given as well as certificates for those who have moved to the next stage of their reading, ‘Reader of the Month’ assemblies, regular book quizzes and a book fair are just some of the ways in which we achieve this.


Please see our reading policy and diary of reading events for further information.


Diary of Reading Events


Autumn Term


Class Authors

During our induction period (and throughout the year), each team within KS2 learns about their new class author. Induction is also an exciting time to explore their new class libraries for the year.


Book Fair

Our visit from the book fair is an exciting time for children and families to explore and purchase new books. Staff are always on hand to recommend suitable titles.   The school benefits from every purchase made so additional books can be bought for our school libraries.


Father Christmas Visit

At Christmas time, all children receive a visit from Santa to wish them a Happy Christmas and to receive a special gift of an engaging book to hook their interest and to add to their home reading collections.

Spring Term

January – April

Book Quiz

Within the Spring term, children in Phase 3 can take part in a book quiz! This is a challenging and exciting opportunity to read a variety of texts and compete against house teams, in order to win the book quiz trophy.


Primary School Debates

Annually, Year 5 and 6 children are selected to take part in the local primary school debates in the Dudley Chambers of Commerce. This is a fantastic opportunity not only to develop their speaking, listening and debating skills, but to develop their awareness around current global issues and the impact we can have as global citizens.


World Book Day

We celebrate World Book Day by taking part in additional reading and book related activities throughout the day, covering all subject areas which feed children’s imagination. Even maths challenges are centred around reading. Children love to share their favourite books and talk about their favourite authors.

Summer Term


Year 6 Leavers

Children leaving Christ Church are presented with a Children’s Bible at our church celebration to keep and cherish alongside happy memories of our school.  Children making significant contributions for example, our Junior Leadership Team or children with 100% attendance, are presented with our favourite poetry books.

Throughout the Year


Nursery Library Sessions

Parents and carers are invited into the library to select a book with their child that they may take home and enjoy reading.  There are a selection of engaging fiction and non-fiction books on offer for them to choose from.


Praise Assembly/Open House 

Children may be chosen to receive a ‘Praise Certificate’ for their achievements in reading.  These are presented in a celebration assembly and parents and carers are invited to join us. Children in EYFS may also celebrate reading in ‘Open House’, again parents and carers are invited to join.


Reader of the Month

Once a month, a child from each phase receives a special ‘Reader of the Month’ certificate which is celebrated in assembly. This award can be gained through reading within any subject area. Parents and carers are invited to join us to celebrate this super achievement. 


Home Reading Challenge

Every month we set an engaging home reading challenge on our newsletter for families to take part in, encouraging children to read widely at home.  The exciting challenge in shared and discussed in class team times the following week.

Half Termly

Reading Assembly

Parents and carers are invited to join their child’s year group celebrations where children are awarded reading certificates.  They may be presented with a ‘Wider Reader Award’, a ‘Regular Reader Award’ or a ‘Moving Up Award’ if they have progressed through a reading stage.  Children are also invited to recommend books to their peers during the assembly.

Half Termly/Annually

Stay and Learn

Within EYFS and Year 1, every half term parents and carers are invited into the classroom to learn with their child, this is an opportunity to see how phonics and reading is taught in school.  

Parents and carers of Years 2 to 6 children are invited to stay and learn sessions during the Autumn Term, where they can take part in all aspects of learning around our reading curriculum for examples, during Reading lessons, Learning Journey lessons and English lessons. 

Half Termly (blocked)

After School Activities

We offer a range of after school reading related clubs throughout the year within Key Stage Two, giving children the opportunity to further develop their love of reading culturally, intellectually and spiritually.


Headteacher’s Awards

Children who have excelled in reading throughout a term may be chosen to receive a ‘Headteacher’s Award’ for their progress or attainment.  This is a termly assembly, where parents and carers are invited to celebrate.



We hold Inspire workshops every term when parents and carers are invited to join their children in a workshop with a specific focus, which may be reading.  This is an opportunity to develop a love of reading beyond school and discuss a wide range of titles, reading skills, tips and techniques.


Class Libraries and Competitions

Each class has their own class library with a wide range of books on offer. Children are welcome to browse their libraries and select books to read for pleasure.  Class libraries run their own competitions and challenges throughout the year for children to participate in.