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Online Safety at Home

Being 'online' can be an excellent way for children to learn more about the world, discover new talents and interests and stay in touch with their friends, however it can also bring risks. It is important, as parents and carers, to talk with your child about staying safe online and about the apps and sites they’re using.


Remember, children can and do access the internet without using a traditional computer – smart-phones, games consoles and an increasing range of other devices allow children to get online. This exploration is not necessarily harmful but if unsupervised and unmonitored can result in them encountering inappropriate material or unknown people which can upset or confuse them.


As a school we recommend that for all of our children, there should always be responsible adult monitoring what children are accessing when online. 


The poster below may be a good starting point for a conversation about online safety, as it lists 5 top tips to help stay SMART when online.

'Keeping Children Safe Online' Newsletters


Below are links to newsletters for parents and carers, to give you some top tips, advice and information concerning social media apps and games to help you continue to keep your children safe whilst they online. 




The sites below include online safety tips, advice and resources you can use at home.