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For your literacy today we would like you to listen to “What the Ladybird Heard” by Julia Donaldson.


Can you choose one of the animals from the story, then draw and write a simple sentence to describe them.


For example “The duck is in the pond”.

                    “The cow is black and patchy”.


Maths Learning 

This week in maths, we have been learning our number bonds to 10 (pairs of numbers that can be added together to make 10). For your maths learning, we would like you complete these equations. You can use objects around your home, your fingers or the rhymes we have learnt in school.

Good luck Reception! 







2+_= 10



Extra blending practise

Snow challenges!!!


Can you build a snowman with ten buttons? Count each one as you place them on your snowman.


What happens to snow if you bring it indoors?

Can you find any animal footprints? Who do they belong to?


Birds are hungry in the winter time. Could you create a bird feeder with some cereal and string? Thread the cereal hoops through the string and tie a knot at each end.

Bird feeders.

See if you find these things on a Winter Walk.