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The Wonky Donkey


Our home learning is based around the story, “Wonky Donkey”.  It’s a really funny story!  You can find this story by following the link below.


The Wonky Donkey

The Wonky Donkey is a children's book, and song written by New Zealander Craig Smith and illustrated by Katz Cowley. The book is based upon a song that Smith...

There is also a song that tells the story.  Follow the link below to watch it, it’s great!



Key Vocabulary

Here are some words for you to learn and explore.

Wonky – something that is not straight so might fall over!

Donkey – an animal that is similar to horse with long ears and hooves.


Day 1 - Literacy Challenge – In the story there are lots of rhyming words. Can you listen out for the rhyming words? Can you write a list of words that rhyme with, dog, cat, pen, and pig?


Day 2 - Physical Challenge – Can you create an obstacle course using different objects from around your home or garden?  These could be books, toys, shoes.  Can you try and climb over the obstacles when crawling on all fours?  Can you try completing your obstacle course by keeping one of your legs off the floor like the Wonky Donkey?  Persevere if it is difficult until you complete the course!  See if your grown up can do it!


Day 3 - Creative Challenge – Your grown-up will need to find the following songs:

Hillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll Lyrics

Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe - Lyrics

Billy Ray Cyrus Achy breaky hearth lyrics

Listen to the music and move to songs you hear.  Are they fast or slow?  Can you match you movements to the music?  Can you move your arms and legs at the same time?  Which is your favourite song?  Can you clap along to the music?


Day 4 - Understanding of the World – Can you do some research to find out some facts about donkeys?  Maybe you have seen a donkey before so can use some of what you already know.  What do donkeys eat?  Where do they sleep?  What’s a baby donkey called?  You could draw a picture of a donkey and label it’s features.  You could identify the beginning of the word and write this for your label for example, “l” for “legs”.  Remember to say the handwriting rhyme as you write your letters.


Day 5 - Physical Challenge – You will need a scarf and your grown-up will need to draw a big donkey for you, maybe you can help!  They will need to make a tail out of some paper.  Put the scarf over your eyes so that you can’t see.  Can you use positional language in your game to direct your grown-up to put the tail in the correct place? Such as, up, down, to the side.


Day 6 – Literacy Challenge – Can you practise writing your name? Remember to only use a capital letter for the first letter of your first name and surname.


Day 7 - Maths Challenge – You will need some small world animals such as farm animals or cuddly toy animals.  I have set you some challenges to find the answers to!

  1. If you put 2 animals together, how many legs are there altogether?
  2. If you put 3 animals, how many legs altogether?
  3. If you have 5 animals in a field and another one comes along, how many will there be?
  4. If you have 7 animals in a field and 1 runs away, how many will be left?

Maybe your grown-ups can set you some more maths challenges!  Remember to always check your answer by counting and checking!


Day 8 – Maths challenge – Here are some links to some maths songs.  Can you sing along to them and show the numbers on your fingers as you sing?


Useful links:

You can read books online using the Oxford Owl eBook library. Below are the login usernames and passwords for Oxford Owl: 


Username: eyfscubs    Password: reception


Username: eyfsgoslings    Password: reception


Username: eyfsducklings    Password: reception