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Let's read the story again. This time your challenge is to use expression in your voice. Hopefully by today, you can recognise lots of words by sight, without needing to Fred talk them. 

Now, click on the link below to answer questions about the story.


Please take the time to complete this quiz. Your teachers will check your answers to see how well you have understood the story. 



Activity 1

Some of the sentences below are missing capital letters. Can you copy the sentences into your logs with the correct capital letters? 


1. tom thumb is tiny.


2. the chef is called ben.


3. king fred likes to have banquets for his guests.


4. what can i do with this little chap?



Activity 2


What are the meanings of the words in bold in the sentences below? Please choose from one of the three options underneath each sentence. 


1.He chatted to the finches.


swam      talked      sang


2.He popped Tom Thumb into the King’s pudding.


said       walked      put


3.“Help!” yelled Tom Thumb.


shouted    giggled   went


4.He felt shocked when Tom Thumb stepped out.


happy   cold      stunned



Miss Lee has made 2 spelling errors in her work below. Can you find them and write them correctly?


A big fish spotted Tom Thum.


It snappt him up.