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Year Two Violin Lessons with Dudley Performing Arts - Summer Term 2020


Good news! Year 2 violin lessons can continue this term.  With Dudley Performing Arts teachers, including Mr Cotterill who Year 2 know very well, children can take part in online lessons at home whilst school is closed due to Covid 19. The lessons will be an excellent opportunity for children to carry on learning, to maintain their skills and to show you what they have already learnt. 


There is no cost for these online lessons.


Please see the letter below from Mr Cotterill for further information.

Dear Parents,


Your child was having a violin lesson in school once a week. To keep them going, me and my colleagues at Dudley Performing Arts have created a series of videos that they can watch and join in with. 


All you need to do is click on the links below and the lesson will appear.


Before you start watching get the instrument ready, ask your child to play a few notes and you are ready to go!  There will be another film next week and you can use the films more than once – in fact, the more the better.


Intro -


Warm Up -


Hoe Down -


If you are having a problem with the instrument we have put some advice here 




Many thanks,

Bobby Cotterill

Week Two

Introduction from Mr Cotterill (Week 2)

Circle Madness

Week Three 

Introduction from Mr Cotterill (Week 3)

Fiddle Faddle

Week Four

Introduction from Mr Cotterill (Week 4)

1st Finger Warm Up

Week Five

Introduction from Mr Cotterill (Week 5)

Drunken Sailor Part 1

Week Six

Introduction from Mr Cotterill (Week 6)

Whole Class Violins Drunken Sailor part 2

Week Seven

Introduction from Mr Cotterill (Week 7)

100 Pipers

Week Eight

Introduction from Mr Cotterill (Week 8)

First Finger Rag

Week Nine

Introduction from Mr Cotterill (Week 9)

Witches Cauldron

Week Ten

Introduction from Mr Cotterill (Week 10)

Peeler's Jig