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Week Beginning 25.01.21

Kipper's Birthday Worktime Ideas


In nursery we have Worktime every day.  During this time we get to choose what we want to do.  Our teachers often give us ideas on different projects we can get involved in.  We have made a list of some ideas below of pro

  • Make a birthday cake
  • Make some cakes using playdough
  • Role play parties using play food and toys
  • Make another birthday card for someone you know.
  • Practise balancing your balloon on different parts of your body.
  • Practise keeping balloon in the air.
  • Make a present for Kipper using Lego or other construction toys.
  • Play some more party games!
  • Make some party decorations such as paper chains or bunting.
  • Learn some party dances!  Listen to the songs below and join in the moves!

Black Lace - Superman

The Hokey Cokey Song with Justin and Robert the Robot

  • Sing Happy Birthday follow the link below.

CBeebies: Mr Tumble Sings 'Happy Birthday' - Something Special

We follow Spread the Happiness in EYFS.  They celebrate many different things by having special days.  We often explore these days at Worktime so have included some of these days in our Worktime choices this week.  We hope you enjoy some of them!  You could even choose do one of them with your family at the weekend!


Tell your friend you love them day

  • You could make a card 
  • Make a postcard 
  • Paint/colour a picture 
  • Write a letter 
  • Make a happy jar with happy notes and memories  

Dance like no one is watching day

  • Dance to party songs  

Chocolate cake day  

  • Can you make a cake?  
  • Can you melt some chocolate and decorate biscuits? What happens to the chocolate as it heats up in the microwave?  
  • Can you make some chocolate rice krispie cakes? 

Jump around day

  • Can you hop? Can you do a star jump? Can you leap? Can you skip? 


Popcorn day  

  •  Can you create your own cinema? You could make some tickets. 
  • Can you make some number cards, select a number and count out the correct amount of pieces of popcorn. 
  • Can you create your own popcorn game?  

Backwards day  

  • Can you travel backwards? 
  • Can you make an obstacle course and move backwards around it?  
  • Can you make a ramp and roll your cars down backwards? Which one travelled the furthest? 

You can get your whole family joining in with your worktime projects!  Don’t forget to share some of your projects with us.  You may think of some of your own and we would love to see these too!