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Understanding the World Activities: 


Can you draw your home and who lives with you, this will need to include people and pets.



Can you draw and label your family members.

Expressive Arts and Design Activities:


Creating your own mirror.


Draw a mirror shape onto paper or card and cut this shape out. You will then need an oval shaped piece of foil, glue this onto your mirror,.

Once this is completed. you can decorate your mirror with patterns, or sequins if available at home.

Use a lollipop stick to glue to the bottom of the mirror so that the mirror can be held.


You could draw a picture of yourselves with key features eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, and hair.  What else can you notice about yourself?

Glue this onto your mirror.   



Mirror template.

Physical Activities: 


Making a Mothers Day card for Mum or Nan.


  • Fold paper in half to resemble a card.
  • Place your hand on the card and draw around your hand.
  • Cut the shape out so that the hand is a hand card.
  • Use pencils or felts to decorate the card to look like your Mum or Nan.

Literacy Activities: 


Can you create a picture of yourself and draw and write things that are personal to you.  For example you could write your name, when your birthday is, draw your favourite colour, or what you are good at.  You may want to draw your favourite book or TV programme.


Maths Activities:


Can you talk about numbers that are personal to you.  For example - 

How old are you?

How many people are in your family?

How many letters are in your name?

How many pets do you have?

Picture News

What is it like on Mars?

Look at the Picture News picture:

 What can you see? Where do you think this picture has been taken? What do you like about this picture?


Mars is a planet. We live on a planet called Earth and the planet Mars is another planet in our solar system. 

It has been in the news that a rover has successfully landed on the planet Mars. It has had to travel a long way to get there from planet Earth.

The rover, which is called Perseverance, has been sent to Mars to try and find out if anything has ever lived on Mars before and whether anything could live there again?

Here are some activities you could carry out this week:


Being Imaginative: Can you paint a picture of Earth and Mars to show how they are different?


Maths: Can you practise counting down with your own countdown rocket?


Writing: Can you design and label your own spacesuit to take a trip to Mars.