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Week Beginning 18.01.21

Giraffes Can't Dance Worktime Ideas


In Reception we have worktime every day.  During this time we get to choose what we want to do.  Our teachers often give us ideas on different projects we can get involved in.  We have made a list of some ideas below of projects you could carry out when playing at home this week.


  • Make your own music using pots and pans that we can dance to.
  • If you have some animals at home then you could use these to create a jungle dance or retell the story.
  • You could make some decorations for your jungle dance such as paper chains.
  • You could role-play parties with your toys at home.
  • If you have a play kitchen you could use your imagination to create some food and drinks for the jungle dance.
  • You could explore shadows by finding different objects to create shadows with using torches.  Place the objects in front of a torch and see what shape they make.
  • You could find out about giraffe’s and draw or paint a picture of one.


You can get your whole family joining in with your worktime projects!  Don’t forget to share some of your projects with us.  You may think of some of your own and we would love to see these too!


LOST IN THE JUNGLE | KIDS DANCE | Hip Hop | Children's Tutorial

Picture News

Look at the Picture News poster: What can you see? What do you think these people are doing?


Who are the people helping us through the pandemic?

Lets see some of the people that are helping us through the pandemic:

Here are some activities that you could do at home relating to this picture:

Supermarket Role play: Can you take on the role of a supermarket worker and set up your own mini supermarket?

Writing: Can you write a thank you card to someone who is a key worker and is helping you during the coronavirus pandemic?

Exploring Mixed Media and Materials: Can you practise making different clapping patterns?