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Watch this video to remind you about shapes and their properties.


Titch and Ted learn about 3D shapes | Maths - Titch and Ted do Maths

Complete pages 10 and 11 of activity book 2B.


Read the poem again.

Picture 1

Answer these questions in your lined book.


1. Write the words from the poem that rhyme with:





2. Where does the child pretend to be a snake?


3. Find two words that describe the shark?


4. What animal is the child pretending to be when she is in the park?


Find the matching rhyming pairs and write them in your lined book.

Picture 1

Spring Time

Look at the pictures of daffodils below. Which one do you like the best? Why? What materials have been used?

Create your own daffodil craft. You could sketch with pencil. paint, colour, use felt tips or anything else you can find. If possible you could add texture like scrunched up paper, tissue paper or sequins.


Please share your creations on your class blog. We would LOVE to see your work.

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