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Complete day 2 of fraction home learning on White Rose Maths. 

Just like yesterday, watch the teaching video first then complete the activity sheet in logs or print off.


Today is about parts of a whole. 


How many real - life fractions can you see around the home/garden? Share them with your adult/teachers.


Daily Times Table Rock Stars to determine whether boys or girls are better. 


Can you design a front cover and blurb for a non- fiction text about Owls? 

Remember a blurb is the information on the back of the book summarising what the book is about. 


If you are "Owled" out do not forget that you can read anything else too. All reading is good reading!

David Walliams is reading his books daily to you for free and you can read many different books through oxford owl. Click the links below to find out more... 


Learn the spellings below in your best handwriting using pyramid writing today. 

Can you write a sentence about each word using a Year 3 conjunction? 

Here are some examples: 

after, while, before, since, though, until. 


While I travelled carefully on my bright, blue bicycle I glanced at the beautiful scenery around me. 


World War II

What was an Air Raid? 

Read the information on the link below - 

Design your own air raid shelter. Think about what it would look like on the inside and the outside. Post your designs into the class blog