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Maths - 


Use the Bitesize link:


  1. Read the information about comparing mass.
  2. Complete Activity 1 in your maths book.
  3. Complete interactive Activity 2.




Today you will be looking again at an extract from ‘Be Amazing! An Inspiring Guide to Being Your Own Champion’.  If you want, you can listen to it again by clicking on the link.  It’s the second video (extract 2).


In extract 2, Sir Chris Hoy mentions experiencing different feelings.  Look back through the text and find the reasons for these.  Draw and complete the table below.



In Learning Journey this week, you are creating your memory book.  We are going to use our writing time to create a poem to go in the book.  Look at this poem by AA Milne:



You are going to write your own version of this poem, all the way up to ‘When I was 8’!


Look carefully at the rhyming words – each pair of lines rhyme.  Today you are going to create lots of rhyming words you could use in each verse.  Start with one and go all the way up to seven.  How many words can you find that rhyme with the numbers?


For example: two, blue, shoe, few, too 

Learning Journey 


Today you are going to create another page for your memory book.


Page 3: Memories of lockdown:


Could you include information about your experiences in lockdown. Here are some ideas: 

Who did you live with during lockdown?

What was your favourite memory of lockdown?

What was your least favourite memory of lockdown?

What are you most proud of during lockdown?

Did you learn any new hobbies?


You could include pictures or photographs of some of the activities you did during lockdown to remember your time.