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Have you ever played the game beetle drive? Spider drive is the same but with the parts of a spider. All you need is a dice and a paper and pencil!

Roll the dice, remember you could make one from a tissue cube if you do not have one. There is also a roll dice app you could as your grownup to use. Look at which part of a spider you can draw once you have rolled the dice. The winner is the first to draw a complete spider.

E.g. if I roll a 2 then I would draw a leg for my spider. Then if I rolled a 3 I would draw the head.



Today we would like you to create a thank you card. You could write a thank you card for a friend from school, a teacher or a grown-up at home. laugh What do you want to say thank you for? What have they helped you to do? Don't forget to share your cards on the blog. smiley

Story Based Learning


Today we would like you to create your own spiders web. 

We would like you to use these words with your grown ups whilst completing the activity – web, weave, spin.


Another way you could create a web is to cut up pieces of string or wool and arrange it into a spider web shape.  If you have a pencil or a white crayon you can draw this onto the paper first and then follow the lines gluing your string or wool.


Which web will you create?  What will you need?  How will you change your plans to make your learning even better?

Here are some examples: