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Complete page 16 in your Busy Ants Maths Book (written subtraction). 


Like yesterday, use the inverse to check your answers and prove they are correct. 


Once you've done this, complete lesson 3 on White Rose.



Complete the 'Superhero Facts' reading comprehension below. 


Once you've done this, read at least 2 pages of your favourite book. 


Complete the SPaG mat below. 



  • A possessive pronoun shows something belongs to someone e.g. theirs, his, mine. 
  • A prefix is added to the beginning of the word. 
  • An adverbial needs a comma after it e.g. Tomorrow, 
  • A plural possessive apostrophe shows that more than person owns an object e.g. The children's cakes.  

Learning Journey 

Now you have your mind map full of information and your plan, it's time to start writing your version of the Easter Story. 


Use the word mat below to help you.