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Please complete the new 60 second reads that we have uploaded below.  Remember to time yourself and see if you can read the comprehension text in 60 seconds, but  if you don’t quite get to the end then just mark where you got to. If you can't print these off then you can still answer the questions in your books or on a piece of paper. 




Expected Standard Revision Guide

Topic: Pie Charts


We have attached some questions to do first in order to help you with the work that’s in your revision guide.


Then complete Revision book page 54 questions 1-2

Higher Score Revision Guide

Topic: Dividing fractions

Watch the video entitled ‘Divide fractions by integers’ in SUMMER TERM WEEK 4 before you begin your work.

Complete p. 21 questions 1-5.

Learning Journey


Today’s big question:

How do astronauts stay alive in space?




Explore this website below – make notes, answering the big question above


Now watch this short silent movie called ‘A Trip to the Moon’. It was made in 1902 by Georges Méliès.


List all the things that happen in the film, that couldn’t happen in reality and why, using what you have already learnt today.