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Vision, Values and Mission

Our vision for our school is one that is inclusive and pupils with a wide range of backgrounds, faiths, abilities, special educational needs and disabilities are warmly welcomed.


We aim to promote Christian education of the highest quality and daily life in our school reflects our foundation, rooted in the Christian Gospel.  Our school motto 'Dream it! believe it! achieve it!' is central to all learning and our vision for children to ‘live life in all its fullness’ means that we are a learning community learning with each other seeking to continually improve our knowledge, understanding and skills in order for pupils to flourish and fulfil their potential.


Staff, parents, pupils and governors have a shared set of values that are at the heart of our school and essential for success. Our Christian values ensure that the whole community knows and understands the importance of kindness, truth, respect and forgiveness and as we live and learn together successfully.


Our school has a strong ethos of seeking to treat children as they might become rather than as they are, and seeking to fulfil their potential through providing spiritual and academic development to support them in their transformation into who God intended. 



Our School Vision

Dream It! Believe It! Achieve It!


Who are we?

When God created humankind, He made them in the likeness of God.” Genesis 5:1


We believe that each person in all their unique difference should be able to thrive and be supported to know their intrinsic value.

We aim to shape children to reach their full capacity in the eyes of God.

We offer a community, with a sense of belonging, where everyone is known and loved by God.


Why are we here?

“I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10


To help each pupil fulfil their potential and flourish in all aspects of their personhood: physically, academically, socially, morally and spiritually. To offer spiritual nourishment, encouragement and challenge.

We aim that all pupils have self-confidence and are able to make excellent progress in all aspects of school life, whatever their background or circumstances.

We seek to treat children as they might become rather than as they are and to know them well.


So then, how do we live our lives?

“In everything, treat others as you would want them to treat you.” Matthew 7:12


Shared Christian values of love and forgiveness are at the heart of our school and are essential for success.

We believe in building quality relationships and look to the successful education of the whole child through a challenging and exciting curriculum.

Staff seek to motivate children and each other, giving and encouraging the best in every area of school life.


The importance of building quality relationships within our community is an essential aspect of our Christian vision and values.


Our Christian values of kindness, respect, forgiveness and truth are evident throughout all we do in school; our curriculum, learning environment, ethos, behaviour and relationships. Because of the significance of these values, all adults and children are treated with dignity and respect. We aim to support each individual to know their intrinsic value and to prepare them to be confident, happy citizens of the future.


Our school Christian values are made explicit in posters and by adults role modelling expectations at all times. Pupils learn how these values underpin how we live our lives in school and beyond the school gate.