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Skip ahead to 6 minutes 26 seconds to sing along with 'Wobbling Soldiers'.

Today we are going to practise our addition and subtraction skills. 


Try to do the calculations in your head first (mentally) and then check your calculations using a resource. You could use lots of different things to help you count, like your 100 square, number line, numicon, counters, cars or lego. 


Click the link below to see the questions . You do not need to do the whole booklet, please choose 10 questions to complete in your squared log. 



Lots of people have different pets. What pet do you have? What pet would you like? What is their name? What name would you choose? 


Miss Forrester had a very unusual pet for the summer holidays a few years ago! She looked after the Reception African Snails! 



Share the story below about a very adventurous snail! 

Now we are going to read about different types of pets and answer some questions. Please choose one of the comprehensions below to complete. 

Learning Journey


Today we are going to create our own snails using paper plates.