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Ideas of Things to Count in Your Home

Spoons in the cutlery drawer

Your socks (as a challenge count in 2s e.g. 2, 4, 6)

Teddies in your room

Favourite toys e.g. dolls, cars, pencils, action figures

Pillows in your home


Using ideas from the list above  count how many you have of each item e.g. 16 spoons. Once you have your total amount use your 100 square to say what is one more and one less than the number.  


Record your findings in your squared maths book like this.



1 less = 15

1 more = 17


Challenge: what is 10 less and 10 more than each number? 


Look at the 'ay' sound card. Say the sound 'ay' and then the rhyme 'May I play?'.



Practise reading these real and nonsense words (the names of the monsters) using your Fred talk. 





Can you write a sentence using one of the following ‘ay’ words? As a challenge try to use an adjective in your sentence. 






Write the sentence out like this in your lined book.

The sparkling crayon was happy colouring in all of the rainbows. 

Spring Time 


Watch the videos below to look again at the different parts of a plant. 


Can you copy this image of a plant into your book and label the roots, stem, flower and leaves?


Click here to see if you have labelled your plant correctly.