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Click the link for White Rose Maths and complete lesson 1 on unit/non unit fractions. 


Watch the video link first, then click "Get the activity". 


These can be completed in your logs or printing. 



Don't forget your daily Times Table Rockstars practice. Who will win boys or girls? 


Draw an owl diagram and label it with factual information you have found out from the text yesterday. Remember your reading gem of retrieve, you must find the information from the text.

Your adults at home will be checking to make sure you haven't made any facts up! 

Ensure your handwriting and spelling is perfect toolaugh.  


Learn the spellings below in your best handwriting using look, say, cover and write.

Can you use an online dictionary to define each spelling and what they mean?

Can you write a sentence about each word using an adverb


The comfortable, blue bicycle was riding steadily along the path. 




What happened in World war II?

Read the information on the website below. 


Answer the true or false questions. 


1. Some countries were neutral during World War II. 

2. The Germans surrendered in 1945.

3. Hitler wanted to created the strongest race of people. 

4. Hitler never attacked France. 

5. Hitler was the leader of Britain. 


Decide which ones are true or false. Test your adults at home too.