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We would like you to use some of the number cards from yesterday for today’s learning.

The words we would like you to use today are – count, match and check.  Use these words ‘My turn, your turn’ and make sure you are saying them throughout your learning.


We would like you today to find numbers 10-20.  Lay them out on the floor in front of you. 

Can you go on a hunt for different objects in your home or outside to count and match the number of objects to a number card so for example my number 10 has 10 pieces of pasta, my number 11 has 11 pebbles, my number 12 has 12 paper clips etc.


Please remember to count and check, this is very important.  I remember at school when we count large amounts, we touch each object with our finger to make sure we are accurate.

Now you could set up a shop with your grown up or your brother and sister. Remember to give each item in your shop a price up to 10p and then choose 2 items you would like to buy. Can you work out the total by adding the 2 prices together?

Here is Miss Turners example:

Here is Miss Turners example:  1



Please complete a daily RML lesson (set 1 and 2 sounds) on the link provided on the ‘Other Useful Sites’ star page.

Challenge: Lesson focussing on set 3 sounds


This week we would like you to focus on tricky words. Using the words below can you make flash cards? Can you write down each word? Can you practise reading the words?

Now you are ready to play bingo! Choose a bingo board and copy the words onto your bingo board. Next take it in turns to turn a word over using your flash card words. The first person to cross out all of their words is the winner! Good luck!


Challenge: Can you write a sentence including one of these words?

Picture 1

The Gingerbread Man

This link tells you the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We hope you enjoy listening to it and remember lots of the key events because all our learning journey activities will be based on this story this week.

Story Based Learning


Grown-ups we would like you to hear your child say these words lots of times whilst they are taking part in the learning, bridge, over, across, strong.


Do you think it is a good idea that the gingerbread man jumped onto the foxes back to cross the river?

I think there might be a safer way he could have crossed the river – he could have used a bridge.

Today we would like you to create a bridge that the gingerbread man could use. You could make a bridge using Lego, building blocks, junk modelling or whatever you may have at home but remember it needs to be strong so the gingerbread man doesn’t fall into the water.

Here are some examples of bridges you could make:

Here are some examples of bridges you could make: 1
Here are some examples of bridges you could make: 2
Here are some examples of bridges you could make: 3