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It’s negative numbers again today Year 6. Please watch the new video below that has further help and guidance for negative numbers.

Then complete the activity sheet below.


Read Chapter 9

Follow the link below and click on the audio book link in green.

We would like you to now create your own Kid Normal character, keeping in mind the above statement. You don’t need a costume or a codename (although you can do to make it even more fun), the main things to focus on is the qualities you want to have. These need to be the sorts of qualities that will really help somebody else out. So, get drawing and labelling Year 6! We can't wait to see what they look like. 



So, what happened to the Anglo Saxons? That's what we're going to find out today. Follow the link  and organise your research under the headings below: 


The Anglo-Saxons take control 


Who was King Cnut? 


What happened when the Normans came?



You can finish off your home learning today by completing an information text or poster from everything you have learned about the Anglo Saxons.