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Complete page 14 from your Busy Ants Maths Book (written subtraction). 

When checking answers, use the inverse to prove you're correct!


Once you've done this, complete lesson 2 on White Rose Maths.


Complete the 'Robot Revenge' reading comprehension below. 


Once you've done this, read at least 2 pages of your favourite book. 


Complete the SPaG mat below. 



  • A relative clause contains a relative pronoun (which, that, who, whom, whose) and adds extra information to a sentence. 
  • Direct speech should be punctuated with inverted commas and a comma, full stop or question mark. E.g. Ronald stated, "I work for the Daily Gazette". 
  • Pronouns replaces a persons name (e.g. he, her, she, we). 

Learning Journey 

Now you have your mind map all about the Easter Story, start to plan it out into beginning, middle and end. 

You could do this using a table, a story mountain or by splitting your page into 3 sections; It's up to you!