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Our theme today is... Fairytales!

Task 1

Watch the videos below. 

Three Billy Goats Gruff -

Jack and the Beanstalk -

Rapunzel -


Mind map the conventions of a classic fairytale. For example...starts with once upon a time, has a happy ending. 


Task 2

Watch the classic fairytales and compare with the 'twisted tales' videos below. 

Three Little Pigs - Classic -

                          - Twisted tale -

Little Red Riding Hood - Classic -

                                   - Twisted tale -


Complete the table below to compare the original and the twisted tale. 


Task 3

Watch the video -

Debate: Is Goldilocks an innocent young girl or a hardened criminal?


Take a look at the example witness statements on the powerpoint attached below and then have a go at writing your own witness statement for one of the three witnesses. Think about:



Task 4

Create your own WANTED poster for a fairy-tale character of your choice. 


Some Ideas:

Jack – the brutal murder of the giant up the beanstalk

Hansel and Gretel – murder of an elderly lady (throwing her in the fire)

Cinderella’s stepmother – forced child labour 

Sleeping Beauty’s Stepmother – assault by curse


Continue your booklet from yesterday. 


You can also go on TTRS everyday and rockslam someone!