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Tuesday 26th January

Maths Learning
Hello Reception.  Today we are going to look how ten is made up in lots of different ways.  Watch the clip to see what you will have to do today.

How is ten made on each one of these pictures? Can you record your sum using the '+' symbol?

Challenge - How many more biscuits would I need to make 10?


I would now like you to look at the images below where the biscuits are placed on a tens frame.  How many more biscuits do we need to make 10?  Look at the spaces that are left inside the tens frame to help you.


Can you write this or say it verbally - 


I would need ____ to make 10.

How many more biscuits do we need to make 10?

To complete our maths for today I would like you to listen to this song about making 10 in different ways -

Shepherd Pete


Please click on your child's phonic group below:


If you are unsure of which phonic group your child should choose, please email your child's class teacher for help.

Story Based Learning

Kipper's Birthday by Mick Inkpen

When it’s someone’s birthday they sometimes have balloons. Today you will need a balloon. If you don’t have a balloon you could use a pair of socks.

  1. Can you balance the balloon/socks on your head?
  2. Can you balance the balloon/socks on your head and jump 3 times?
  3. Can you balance the balloon/socks on your head and walk up and down?
  4. Can you the balloon/socks on your head and raise your leg?
  5. Can you play a game of tennis with them?  Using your hand hit it to your grown up or sibling and then they will hit it back.
  6. Can you keep the balloon in the air?


Challenge – Can you think of other ways to balance the balloon/socks? Here are some examples:



It's time to get busy for Worktime! What are you going to do today? What adventures will you go on today? Are you going to start a new project today? You can use the 'Worktime' star to give you some ideas. Have fun Reception! 

Dough Disco and Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle


Grab your dough, it's time to go to the DOUGH DISCO! 

This week we are going to be learning a new move...the sausage roll! 


Our squiggle move this week is...side to side.


Please click the link below.

Story Time

Kipper the Dog. The Igloo