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E-safety Guidance

  • Have regular conversations with your child about their online activities;
  • Make use of the wealth of online resources to stimulate those conversations and remind children of how they can keep themselves safe;
  • If you haven’t yet done so, consider setting up a home/family agreement relating to children’s online activities; 
  • Ensure parental controls are applied where appropriate – your Internet Service Provider (eg BT, Virgin Media, Sky) should provide parental controls;
  • Be aware that gaming devices and mobile phones can also access the internet;
  • There is further E-safety advice on the ‘Children’ tab of this website

Daily routine and timetable

  • Make is flexible and adaptable 
  • Make it suit your child's needs
  • Make it visual and adapt as necessary
  • Set some structure and routine, put in things you all enjoy and offer choices 
  • Think about some quiet times or independent reading
  • Think about your space and resources at home 
  • Keep to good bedtime routines, sleep is very important
  • Put in some daily physical activities 
  • Make sure you do as much movement as possible (check out Joe Wicks) 
  • If you can, go out and use the garden
  • Think about daily household tasks you can include such as cooking  
  • Make sure you put in plenty of fun and games 
  • Make sure your plan is achievable for your child, don’t plan too much
  • If some things don’t work out change it
  • Think about what your child needs – more or less structure, more or less instruction and direction, more free flow ?
  • You don’t want or need to create battles or issues at home. Use this time to invest in interests, hobbies and talents 
  • Use music and dance to keep physically active and entertained 
  • Think creatively about how you use technology and everyday household items 
  • Make sure you do get plenty of fresh air and exercise, best that you can… 
  • Enjoy reading - Just a little bit of daily reading can boost a child’s vocabulary, decoding and understanding of the text.10 minutes a day makes a huge difference. Fiction or fact books are both great

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