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Complete the next two pages of your activity book


Then can you record 5 subtraction equations that give an answer of 12?


Use your number line to help you.


Write them out in your squared maths book like this.

15 - 3 = 12

20 - 8 = 12


Watch the video below of the story being read ‘The Brilliant Beast’.


As you listen to the story think about how the main character 'The Brilliant Beast' feels at the start of the story and how she feels at the end. What is different at the start compared to the end? Who is in your brilliant gang?


Can you write down 5 things that you are brilliant at in your lined log? 


Draw illustrations to go alongside your sentences and decorate your page with a fun border! 


I am brilliant at...






Spring Time 

Watch the clip about Barnaby Bear going to an allotment.


Have we got anywhere in school that we grow things? Use the image below to test your knowledge of different plant names. Can you say if they are a fruit or a vegetable?


Can you design your own allotment? What would you grow there?


Click the link to see if you have named and sorted the fruits and vegetables correctly.