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Maths - 


Use the Bitesize link:


  1. Watch the video about adding and subtracting mass.
  2. Complete Activity 1 in your maths book.



Today, you are going to look at Be Amazing! An Inspiring Guide to Being Your Own Champion’ for the last time. 

Read or watch both extracts again.


Using evidence from both extracts, write a paragraph in response to the following statement:


Many readers say that Sir Chris Hoy is an inspirational writer.


Think about the following to help you write your paragraph:

  • Think about how Sir Chris shares his own and others’ sporting experience.
  • When he writes in the first person, does this help you to believe him more?
  • Is Sir Chris a positive writer?
  • How does he inspire you?

Writing Task: 



Yesterday, you collected lots of rhyming words for your poem. 

Today you are going to write the first four verses, ‘When I was one …’ up to ‘When I was four…’ 

Follow the structure of the poem. 

Remember each verse only has 2 lines.  




Learning Journey 


Today you are going to create another page for your memory book.


Page 4: My goals for next year


What are you hoping to achieve next year in school and at home? Can you set yourself two goals? Why have you decided to set yourself these goals?


Write about your goal for school and goal for home and illustrate it. You could include phrases from school in your illustration like ‘dream it, believe it, achieve it’ or ‘reach for the stars.’ It could be a picture of you achieving these goals.