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Complete session 3 of fractions home learning on White Rose Maths. 


Today's focus is tenths. Watch the teaching video and complete the activities. 


Miss Timmins has a pizza and cuts it into tenths. 


She eats 3/10 of the pizza. How much pizza is left? 


Can you create your own maths problem using tenths? 


Do not forget your daily Times Table Rockstars. Can you battle your friends that are also online? 


Use the information you have read to create a menu about the owls diet. You can present this any way you would like. Remember all information must be read and retrieved from the text. 


Also don't forget your wider reading using your library books or the links provided on the website. 


In your log create a mind map called




What can we look forward to? What positive things could you tell someone to focus on? 


EG: the flowers growing in the garden, the sun shining, being back at school with our friends soon.  


Could you share any with your friends on your class blog?  If you are not sure how to contact your teacher. 


World War II

What was rationing? 

Read the information and watch the video on the links below.  


Do you think rationing was a good idea? How did it help?  

Write your teacher an e mail and explain your answers. Remember to explain your reasons.

Horrible Histories: Rotten Rationing Big Picture Show - Showing daily at IWM North. Meet Rattus Rattus as he takes you on a journey back to the woeful Second World War.