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Remember to check your teachers' blog posts each day and answer any thinking questions they have left for you!



Complete this challenge to collect Clue 3.



  1. Read or watch Extract 2 again. In the extract Commander Phil reports on deforestation and uses technical and scientific vocabulary.
  2. Think about an environmental issue that is important to you and imagine that you are Commander Phil explaining your mission to the Wild Agents.
  3. Carry out some research on the area that you are interested in and write a short summary about what the problem is and what we can do to help based on your research.




Yesterday, you wrote the first 4 verses of your poem for your memory book.  Today you are going to complete it.  Remember when you get to 9, the structure changes.  So your final verse will start:


But now I am 9, I’m as clever as clever  …


Check through your poem carefully and edit any spellings that you need to ready for publishing it in your memory book tomorrow. 

Learning Journey


Today you are going to create another page for your memory book.


Page 4: My goals for next year.


What are you hoping to achieve next year in school and at home? Can you set yourself two goals? Why have you decided to set yourself these goals?


Write about your goal for school and goal for home and illustrate it. You could include phrases from school in your illustration like ‘dream it, believe it, achieve it’ or ‘reach for the stars.’ It could be a picture of you achieving these goals.