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Complete page 18 of your Busy Ants Maths Book (adding and subtracting decimals). 


You might want to use partition jot or the column method to help you with this. See the picture below for a model. 

Picture 1

Once you've done this, complete lesson 4 on White Rose.


Complete the 'Unicorn Valley' comprehension below.


Once you've done this, read at least 2 pages of your favourite book.  



Complete the SPaG mat below. 



  • A modal verb tells us the possibility of something happening (should, could)
  • A preposition tells us where something is (behind, under)
  • A verb is an action word (walked, ran, pushing)
  • A collective noun shows a group of individuals (family, crew)


Learning Journey 

Complete your story using the word mat from yesterday and edit. When editing, look for the features on the word mat. Check you have spelt the key vocab correctly and if you have, think about editing more of the Y5/6 words in. Do it in a different colour if you can!