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Thursday 28th January 

Maths Learning
Hello Reception.  Can you watch and join in with this video today about warming up your fingers! You will need your fingers later on in the lesson to write numbers down.

The Funky Monkey Finger Dance

The Funky Monkey Finger Dance is an action song to help young children learn left from right.

I would like you to go on a number hunt today around your home to see what numbers you can find from 0-10.  Can you write them down?

Here are some numbers Miss Turner found around her home.

Numbers in my home.

Maths challenge – Can you count and walk 100 steps if you go out and about on a walk?  You can also do this in your living room!  How many times would you need to walk up and down in your living room to reach 100 steps?


Please click on your child's phonic group below:


If you are unsure of which phonic group your child should choose, please email your child's class teacher for help.

Story Based Learning

Kipper's Birthday by Mick Inkpen

Ready, steady, bake!

What present did Tiger give Kipper?

It was a cake!

Today we are going to make a birthday cake! You could bake a cake, use play dough to make a cake, or draw and design your own birthday cake. Let’s get busy!


Please click on the link to view a cupcake recipe.

Here are some examples below:



It's time to get busy for Worktime! What are you going to do today? What adventures will you go on today? Are you going to start a new project today? You can use the 'Worktime' star to give you some ideas. Have fun Reception! 

Dough Disco and Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle


Grab your dough, it's time to go to the DOUGH DISCO! 

This week we are going to be learning a new move...the sausage roll! 


Our squiggle move this week is...side to side.


Please click the link below.

Story Time

Kipper the dog - Kipper the hero

One of the best stories of Kipper the dog.