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Hello Nursery,


This week we want you to explore Easter.  You may have some stories about Easter at home or you may want to look for some online.  (See our "Useful Links" star which will enable you to find some.)  During Easter time, take time to think about why we celebrate it and what you do to celebrate it with your family and friends.  If you have made an Easter bonnet at home, send us some photos.  Look out for Miss Hughes wearing hers on our blog!!!


Physical Challenge 1

Can you make an Easter basket?  You can use a cereal box or any other box you may have.  Your grown up will need to help you to cut the front off the box and then use this to cut a strip for the handle.  You can decorate it using whatever you have at home such as felts, paper, collage.  Once you have made it you can put the “eggs” you made for maths inside it.


Physical Challenge 2

Can you hop like a bunny around your house/ garden? Can you challenge yourself and create different obstacles to move around? For example, using shoes can you hop around them? Can you hop over a cushion?

Can you move like other Easter animals- can you shuffle like a lamb? Can you flap like a chick?


Creative Challenge

Can you boil an egg and then decorate it using paint/ felt tips with decorations. Why not add patterns we have learnt this term- spots, stripes, waves or zig zags?


Understanding of the World Challenge

Can you make some chocolate Easter nests?  You will need some chocolate, some Rice Crispies and some cake cases.  Melt the chocolate in the microwave but be careful not to burn it!  Add the Rice Crispies and give it a stir.  Put the mixture into some cake cases and then put them into the fridge to cool.

When you are melting the chocolate can you talk about how it is changing? When you add the Rice Crispies what happens next?  A maths challenge – who ate the most cakes in your house?  Tell us by emailing us!!!


Personal, Social and Emotional Development Challenge

Can you think of someone that you can make and send an Easter card to? It might be a family member, friend or a neighbour who is lonely.  You can even make more than one!  You could send a photo of it to your family or friends who you can’t see at the moment, just to let them know that you are thinking of them.

On the front of your card you could draw a rabbit, a spring lamb, some flowers, an Easter egg, an Easter basket and make sure it’s nice and colourful.



*Remember to take photos of your learning from home and add them to our EYFS class blog.  You will soon be getting information and passwords about the blog.  In the meantime, send them to us via email.  We hope to hear from you soon!  We miss you!!!!