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This weeks’ learning is based around one of our favourite characters, “Supertato!”  This week will be thinking about super heroes and discovering our own super powers!  The link for the story is below.

Key vocabulary

Hero – a person who is admired for their courage or other special qualities.


Understanding of the World Challenge

Super heroes come in many shapes and forms.  We don’t need to look far to find people who are really special to us and decide why they are a hero to us.  In this challenge I want you to draw or paint a picture of your super hero.  Someone who is special to and has special qualities.


Here is my super hero. This is my picture of my dad.  Most of your know that my daddy lives in the sky now but he will always be my super hero.  He was special because he always made me feel safe and no matter what I may have been worried or upset about, my daddy always made it better!

I can’t wait to see who your super heroes are don’t forget if you share them on the blog, tell us why they are your super hero!


Creative Challenge

Here are some songs for you to do some super dances to!  You can imitate the people in the video to do some super hero moves!


Can you make up your own super hero moves to the next song?  Can you make up your own dance to this music?  Think of super hero moves such as big jumps and big twirls!  Can you add these to your dance?

Physical Challenge

Can you test your super powers and super strength?  How fast can you run?  How far can you jump?  How many star jumps can you do in 1 minute?


Creative Challenge

Can you create your own Supertato using a potato?  Think about what you could use for his cape and belt.  You could use some material, paper or card.  Don’t forget to look at his features and make sure you have included them all!


Friday!!! Super hero party!!!!

Today will be our last day as nursery treasures for many of us as lots of you will be embarking on your next chapter in reception!  If you were in nursery we would be having a “Super Hero Day!”  We would all be coming in dressed as a super hero and we would be having a party!  I thought it would be nice if we could try and make this happen by all taking part in a party at the same time and post pictures on the blog!  We would like you all to dress up as a super hero and have a tea party at 12.30.  Although we can’t be together, we could all be doing the same thing, at the same time, teachers included!!!  Post your pictures on the blog so we can all see each other on our last official day in nursery!

I would like as many children as possible and all of the EYFS teachers to be listening to this song at 1.00pm!  Let’s just us all be together for one last time before we move on!