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Please read the speedy green words below. Practise reading the words clearly and quickly, in and out of order. 



Now let's practise reading the story again. 


Today we are going to write the sentence below from memory. We call this 'hold a sentence'. The first thing we need to do is say the sentence out loud, several times, in lots of funny voices. Listen to the audio clip below to help you. 


She has got a black hat.



Now watch the video below to see how to write the sentence, and sound out the words.

She has got a black hat.

Now it's your turn to write the sentence yourself, in your lined log. Remember, no peeking at the sentence we just wrote together. Don't forget to have your speed sound chart in front of you, to help you with your writing.



Red Words:  she


Challenge: Can you draw a picture to match the sentence?