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Hello Nursery,

This week our sound is "w-w-w" and it's a bouncy sound, "w-w-w worm" - "down up, down up."

You can:

  • Find some objects in your home that start with 'w'.
  • Write this sound using different things such as water and brushes, shaving foam, talc, flour.
  • Practice writing other sounds that we have already done.
  • Put "w, i, g" together to Fred Talk the word "wig".  Remember to say the sounds correctly as you blend them together.  Can you Fred talk "wet"?  Can you Fred talk some of these nonsense words?  "wim"  "wan".  What sounds can you hear?  
  • Can you remember some of the sounds you have already done? 
  • Can you find something in your house beginning with "y"? 
  • Can you find something in your house beginning with "g"?


Don't forget to keep practising writing the letters you have already learnt and keep saying the rhyme as you write them to make you write it correctly.


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