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Hello Nursery,


We have got some videos this week to help you with your phonics learning.  There is a video for you to watch each day.  After you have watched the video there are some tasks below for you to have a go at throughout the week.  We hope you have fun and we can't wait to see what you get up to!



Here is this week's sound!  Are you ready nursery?  I hope you have your magnet eyes ready and your listening ears on ready to watch the video!  Here we go!  Click on the video below.

Introducing the sound "o"

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Here is this week's sound.  You can practice saying the sound and the naming the picture.  You can also have a go at writing the sound but remember to say the rhyme, "All around the orange."


Can you point to the sound and say it and then point to the picture and say what you can see?  See if your grown up can point to them for you but be careful as they might try and trick you!

Tuesday's Video

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Wednesday's Video

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Thursday's Video

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Friday's Video

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Can you have a look for some objects around your home beginning with this sound?  How many can you find?


Say what you can see in the pictures below and emphasise the sound at the beginning of the word such as, "o-o-orange."


You can practice writing the sound in different things such as rice and shaving foam.  You might have other things to use to write the sound at home such as crayons and felts.


We hope you have lots of fun and we can't wait for you to blow our socks off with your learning!