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Year 1 Phonics Check 

All Year 1 children will take part in a statutory Phonics Check week beginning 12th June

The children are tested on their knowledge of graphemes and how they can blend them to read words. 

We do lots of practicing in school in our phonics sessions but if you would like to help your child further please access the resources below. 


During the check

The children are asked to read a selection of real and nonsense words. 

The children must follow 3 steps to help them be successful. 


1. Look for special friends.

2. Fred Talk the word. 

3. Blend the sounds to read the word. 


It is crucial for the children to Fred Talk as this has proven to help the children be more successful. Even if they can Fred in their head we encourage them to sound it out. 


Please watch the parent video below to find out more. 

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Past examples of the Phonics Check


Below are some past examples of real and nonsense words in the phonics check. How many can you read? Remember to follow the three steps for success!