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Warm Up                                                                                                                 

Join in with 'Awesome Rainbows' to get ourselves warmed up ready for today's PE activities.

Activity 1


Now we have warmed up we are going work on our ball control skills. You will need a ball or something that is sphere shaped e.g. orange, apple or balloon.

Rolling around an object.

Set up some toys as your obstacles.


Can you roll your ball around the obstacles without touching them?



Top Tips for Rolling a ball:

  • Face the direction you want the ball to go.
  • Bend your knees.
  • Put your body behind the ball.
  • Control the ball by giving it little shoves.



Rolling a ball through a target.


Set up a target using any 2 objects you can find around your home e.g. teddies, toys, or cereal boxes.

Try to score points by rolling the ball through the target. If you are finding it too easy try starting further away from the target or make the target smaller by bringing your two objects closer together.




Activity 2
Enjoy some Cosmic Yoga today by watching listening to the instructions.