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Watch the video below and join in with your 2 x tables. 


Write them out in your maths book like this. Can you get to 12 x 2?

0 x 2 = 0

1 x 2 = 2


Log in to Times Table Rockstars and join the new battle - girls vs boys. Which team can get the most correct answers. Look out for the results on Wednesday. 






Read the poem called 'Cobweb Morning' in your reading booklet that you took home with you. Answer the questions about this poem in the answer booklet. 




Learn six more spellings off your spelling list. Try using rainbow writing like in the picture below.

Can you use these words in sentences and write them in your lined book. 

Picture 1

Spring Time

Go on a Spring hunt in your garden or look out of the window. Look for new plants that are growing, different insects and other signs of Spring. What bright colours can you see? Make a list in your book of what you have seen. Have you spotted some of the things in the video below?

Don't forget if you need any help you can email your teacher or ask them a question on the class blog. smiley