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Watch the video below on Super movers and join in with the 8 times table. 

Write them out in your maths book, one number per square. Can you get to 12 x 8 = 


1 x 8 = 8 


2 x 8 = 16 


Log in to Times Table Rockstars and join the new battle boys VS girls. Who ever gets the most points will be the winners! Keep checking the website to see if you are on the daily leaderboard.



This week we are reading about owls. Can you read the information on the website and make notes using a mind map or bullet point list?



Learn the spellings below in your best handwriting using look, say, cover and write.

Can you use an online dictionary to define each spelling and what they mean?

Can you write a sentence about each word using an adjective? 




What happened in World War II? 

Research the war using the link below and become a historian. 

Answer the following questions below in your logs: 


1. When was World War II? 

2. Why did World War II start? 

3. Who was the British Prime Minister when the war started? 

4. Who were the British Allies in World War II? 


Can you wow your teacher/adult with 3 did you know facts you have found out?