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Use the Bitesize link:


  1. Read the information and watch the slideshows about telling the time.
  2. Complete Activity 1.






Be Amazing! An Inspiring Guide to Being Your Own Champion


As a boy, Chris didn’t believe that he would achieve his dream of becoming an Olympic champion. However, he grew up to be a six-time gold medal winner. He shares everything he has learned on his journey to success and hopes that by telling his story, he will inspire young people to be the very best they can be.

Click on the link to watch Sir Chris Hoy read an extract from the book. 


What do you learn about him from the first extract?


Then watch Sir Chris read extract 2 from his book.  What impact does writing in the first person have on you as a reader? You can write down your thoughts in your log or share them on the blog.



Practise spellings using look, say, cover, write, check and then can you use a dictionary or online dictionary to write the definition of each of the words.







Learning Journey


Memories of my Year in Year 3


This week in Learning Journey you are going to create a memory book for your time in Year 3, adding a little more to it each day.

Today’s task:


Create a front cover for your memory book. What are you going to call it? My memories of Year 3, My Yearbook, Memories of 2020. Here is a poem you could include on your front cover from the teachers:


The End of the Year

The end has come so very quick –

It’s time to move along,

The final days of this school year

Have been and now are gone.


This year has been so very strange;

We missed all your smiling faces,

We have loved to see your learning

Despite being in different places.


Enjoy your summer holidays

And get some well-earned rest

To start the new year full of beans;

Prepared to try your best.


Your next teacher’s the lucky one –

I’m certain this is true,

Because they get to teach and spend

The time next year with you.


Complete the first page with your memories of school. Here are some ideas for what you could include:


My teacher was:

My friends were:

My favourite subject was:


Could you add a picture of yourself with your friends or you doing your favourite subject?