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What’s so great about 48? 

Make a mindmap of all the different ways you can make 48.  You can use addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or even fractions!

For example:

12 x 4                    ½ of 96                  54 – 6


Also, practise times tables on TTRockstars, hit the button, TwinklGo (Code AR1068)  or Topmarks Daily 10. 


Choose a book.  This could be your reading book, library book, a book of your own or even an online book.  (See the link below.)

Design a new front cover and write your own blurb.

(You will do some more work on the book you choose tomorrow.)


This week, we are going to build on the fantastic descriptions you wrote about the giant’s garden.

You are going to write a description of the beach picture below. 

Today create a mind map of words and phrases you can use in your description.  Then make them into expanded noun phrases (ENPs).

For example:

delicate, white clouds across the brilliant blue sky

Picture 1

Learning Journey

This week's focus is history. 

What happened in World War 2?

Read the information on the website below

Answer the questions below.

  1. When was World War 2?
  2. Why did World War 2 start?
  3. Who was the British Prime Minister when World War 2 started?
  4. Who were the British Allies in World War 2?
  5. Write three facts that you have learnt today.