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The Easter bunny has sent you some challenges this week! He will be watching to see if you are counting accurately and checking your answers!


See if you can go on a treasure hunt around your house. Can you find 3 blue objects? 4 red objects? And 2 green objects? How many objects have you got altogether? Challenge: Continue to ask children to find different amounts of objects and accurately count them. Children could write the maths equations e.g. 3 + 4 + 2 = 9.  








a hen in a red hat

a fox in a sun hat

a man in a top hat

a kid in a fun hat


Practise sounds and green words (hen, red, hat, fox, sun, man, top, kid, fun, a, in) Read the story using Fred Talk. Practise writing the green words using your Fred Fingers. Practise letter formation throughout the week using the pack of sound cards provided in the Stay and Learn pack.



Black Hat Bob (story book)

Black Hat Bob is on his ship.  This is his peg leg.  This is his pet hen.  This is his cash box.  This is Red Hat Rob.  “I will grab that cash box,” he said.  “Get off my ship!” said Black Hat Bob. “No.” said Red Hat Rob.  “I will not.”  “I will fix him,” said Black Hat Bob.  Biff biff. Gulp!  (The chest goes into a shark’s mouth at the end!)


Please read Black Hat Bob above.  Practise reading green words (ship, peg, leg, hen, pet, box, grab, off, will, fix, his, that is) and red words (he said no my I).  Can you read and write these words in different ways for example write them using chalk or paintbrushes with water outside, flour, shaving foam, sand, rice.  Don’t forget to use your Fred Fingers to help you!



Tim and Tom (story book)

Tim and Tom are twins. “Let’s swim!” said Tim. Tim and Tom swam and swam. “Let’s run on the sand!” said Tom. Tim and Tom ran and ran. “Let’s rest on the mat!” said Tim. “Stop that, Tom!” said Dad. “I am not Tom!” said Tim. “I am Tim!” “Tim has got my cap on!” said Tom.  


Please read Tim and Tom above. Practise reading green words, (and, is, am, swim, not, got, cap, swam, sand, run, ran, rest, lets) and red words, (said, my, I, are, the) Can you make a bingo board using these words?


Please feel free to email your class teachers with pictures of your work. We love to see what you have been up to. Thank you!



You can enjoy listening to our current learning journey story Superworm!

Learning Journey


Research the different parts of a plant (root, stem, leaf, petal, pollen) on the internet or by looking at plants within the house or garden. Can you name the parts of a plant? Can you explain what each part of the plant is for? (e.g. the roots absorb the water, the stem supports the flower and spreads the water.) 


Please feel free to email your teacher with something you found out! smiley