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It’s all about negative numbers today year 6- please just watch the video today and complete the questions in the video and then spend some time on Times Table Rockstars to get those scores up.


Once you have done that, we would like you to use your skills to complete the online challenge by following the link below


Read/Listen to Chapter 8

Follow the link below and click on the audio book link in green that says 'audible'. You will need to have listened to some of the book to add in your evidence for some of your answers. Once you have completed your task, it's really important that you do some reading for pleasure. 



We are going to be finding out about the daily life of an Anglo Saxon today. So, follow the link and watch the clips. If you have watched some of them already, that’s fine, it’s good to watch them again so it refocuses you for today.  

You can make learning notes under the following headings:  


Who were the Anglo Saxons? 


Growing up in an Anglo-Saxon village 


Anglo Saxon Job


We would then like you to show off your knowledge by creating a piece of artwork on the Anglo Saxons, just like it says to on the website under the final video. It can be a simple drawing that you colour in, a sketch or something more creative if its possible to do at home.