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Complete page 12 from your Busy Ants Maths Book (subtracting mentally). 

Remember to use a mental method but when you're checking, you could use a formal written method such as column subtraction to check your answers. 


Once you've done this, have a look at lesson 1 on White Rose Maths. There's a video and some questions to complete after. These are the types of questions that we use in school so I know you will be fantastic!



Complete the 'Magic Potion' reading comprehension below. 


Once you've done this, read at least 2 pages of your favourite book. 


Complete the SPaG mat below. 



  • A fronted adverbial needs a comma after it e.g. This morning, 
  • A determiner comes before a noun.
  • A subordinate clause has a subordinate conjunction in. 

Learning Journey 


The focus this week is RE and you will be finding out about the Easter Story. 


What do you already know about the Easter story? 


Complete a mind map about the Easter story. You could use the links and videos below to help you.