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Good morning Year 4 - here is your home learning for today.


Click on the link below for your maths learning, where you will be able to practise some mental maths strategies:  


Applying a range of strategies to mentally calculate addition (


Once you have completed your online lesson, log on to TTRS. Can you beat you score on Studio today?
Click on the link below for a reading lesson based on the book ‘The Worst Witch.’

Reading lesson: The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy - Year 4 - P5 - English - Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize
Click on the link below for a writing lesson about adverbs and adverbial phrases.  You will be able to apply this in your independent writing later this week.

Then log on to Purple Mash and complete the '2do' Campsite Jim.


RM Unify - Launch Pad
Later on this week in RE, we will be comparing some of life's key points, such as marriage, in the Christian and Hindu religions.


To help you with this, look at the videos and powerpoint below to remind yourself of some of the key points about Hinduism.  You could make a mind map of the key points. 


What is Hinduism? - BBC Bitesize


Diwali and new beginnings - KS2 Religious Education - BBC Bitesize


Puja - a form of Hindu worship - KS2 Religious Education - BBC Bitesize