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Happy Monday Year 6. Here is your work for Monday: 



Expected Standard Revision Guide 

Topic: Area 

Complete p.40    Questions 1-4 


Higher Score Revision Guide

Topic:  Area and Perimeter 

Complete p.38 and 39    Questions 1-6 


If you would like further challenge, or to complete more maths at home, you can follow this link 


White Rose Hub are doing live lessons everyday through their website and that link shows you all the lessons they filmed last week. 




Expected Standard Revision Guide

Text: A Tudor girl’s diary   (fiction)   

Complete page 12 and 13   Questions 1-6 


Higher Score Revision Guide

Text: Underwater peace  (fiction)    

Complete page 12 and 13   Questions 1-6 




Expected Standard Revision Guide


Complete page 18 and 19   Questions 1-8


Higher Score Revision Guide


Complete page 14 and 15   Questions 1-6  



LEARNING JOURNEY (to run across the whole week)

Focus: RE the Easter Story 

  • Mind Map - What do you already know about the Easter story?  

                       What else can you find out from research? 

You could use 


  • Watch a video of the Easter story: 

Can you write down the beginning, middle and end of the story?  


  • Write a story in your book re-telling the Easter Story- but can you get creative? Perhaps you could retell it as a puppet show and create your own characters, or complete a comic strip showing the Easter story. 

  • Let's make links to our art skills- can you draw an image that shows the Easter story?


If you would like to send your story, your picture or your an image of your puppet show, then please e-mail your class teacher. 


Remember: you can access your Bedrock and TTRockstars accounts from home.