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Hello Nursery!

We have set you 5 maths challenges this week all linked to Easter!  You can complete them more than once.  You can share your learning with us by emailing us!  Have fun!  Lots of love, Miss Hughes and Mrs Gibbins.x


Challenge 1

You will need an egg box and some small toys, pasta or buttons.  How many different ways can you make 6?


Challenge 2

Can you make 10 Easter eggs out of rolled up newspaper?  Hide them around your house.  How many can you find?  Can you count them carefully and check you were accurate?


Challenge 3

How many of your Easter eggs can you find in one minute?  Can you use the number cards you made last week to find the number to match the number of eggs you found?  Play this lots of times!


Challenge 4

Can you hide an Easter egg for your grown-ups and use positional language of “next to, in front of, behind, on top of” to describe where the egg is?


Challenge 5

Get your grown up to draw you an outline of an egg.  Can you decorate it with a spotty and stripy pattern?  Take your egg around your house and see what other things you can notice that are spotty and stripy.


We would love to know how you get on!