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Hello Nursery,

This week’s maths will focus on measures.  We will be looking at objects and thinking about their size, shape and weight.  We will be developing our language to enable us to talk about these objects.

Key vocabulary that I want you to use this is:

heavy, light

tallest, shortest

longest, shortest

Challenge 1 – Weight

Make some scales like the ones in the picture.  All you need is a coat hanger and 2 bags.  If you have some different vegetables at home then you could choose to use these to weigh!  If you haven’t got any fruits or vegetables at home you could find some different sized toys.  Choose 2 vegetables and find out which is the “heaviest” and which is the “lightest”.  Do this with several vegetables/objects/toys.  Can you now order 5 objects according to their weight?  You can do some experimenting using your scales.


Challenge 2 – Weight

Using your learning from challenge 1, you are going to go on hunt today around your home to see if you can make some predictions about the weight of pairs of objects you can find.  You will need your home-made scales.  I want you find 2 things and just by feeling them, predict which one will be the “heaviest” and “lightest”.  Using your scales, see if you are correct.  Repeat this with different items.  Which was the heaviest object you found?  Which was the lightest?


Challenge 3 – Height

This challenge will focus on height.  Can you find 5 items around your home?  These can be toys, books or boxes of food or tins.  They will need to be able to stand up as we are looking at height today.  Can you put them in a line and find the tallest object?  Can you find the shortest object?  Can you put them in order starting with the shortest and ending with the tallest?  What was the tallest object in your line?


Challenge 4 – Height

In this challenge we are going to be making towers.  If you have some building blocks or duplo etc then you can use these, if not you can use other objects from around your home to make a tower such as tins.  Can you make 5 towers of different sizes and then put them in order starting with the shortest and finish with the tallest?  Keep using your noticing skills to ensure they are in the correct order and move them around to check.


Challenge 5 – Length

In this challenge we are going to focus on length.  If you have playdough can you make a snake?  Remember to make links to your dough disco and use 2 hands to roll it out!  Can you make a snake that it shorter than the one you have made?  Can you make a snake that is longer?  Make 2 more snakes and then can you put them in order according to their length?  Start with the shortest and end with the longest.  Remember to keep checking by moving them around.  If you haven’t got playdough then you can make some salt dough.  The recipe is below.

Salt dough recipe

  • 1 cupful of plain flour (about 250g)
  • half a cupful of table salt (about 125g)
  • half a cupful of water (about 125ml)


1. Mix the flour and salt in a large bowl. Add the water a bit at a time and stir until it comes together into a ball.