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Step 1 - Fluent in Five


This video will introduce today's maths session and set you today's Fluent in Five challenge. 



Fluent in Five

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Step 2 - Adding Decimals - Mental Quiz


Have a go at this quiz which will see how good you are at adding decimal numbers in your head! Remember to make links to the column headings and think about what will happen when you add the two numbers.

Good luck!


Adding Decimals Quiz

Step 3 - Subtracting Decimals - Oak Academy


Click the link below to take part in the Oak Academy lesson all about Subtracting Decimals.  Remember to take part in each part of the lesson including watching all of the video.  You will then be asked to take part in an independent activity. 


Subtracting Decimals - Oak Academy


Here is a copy of todays independent task:

Step 4 - Extra Challenge!


Are you brave enough to take on today's tricky maths challenge!  Why not give it a go!?



Extra Challenge

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